Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Create a Three Step Plan to Achieve Your Highest Priorities

Do you wonder how you can ever achieve your highest priorities, how you can turn your dreams into reality? It is possible ... maybe not with all of them, but possibly with many of them.

Gather the Ideas: Make a list of those things which you consider priorities in your life right now. Never mind whether it seems doable or not, or whether it is just a dream at this point. It matters simply that it is a priority that you think about often.

Choose the Highest and Most Important: From this list, choose your number one highest priority, the one that you passionately want to see accomplished. (If you can follow this pattern with one priority, you can do it with any number of them.)

Understand What Needs to Happen: Take this high priority and write out all the things which will need to happen to bring it about. Don't agonize over this list but be as thorough as you can, whether it's five or one hundred 'needs to happen' items to realize success.

Break it Down to Three Definable Phases: From this list (of all the things that will need to happen) group sequential or closely related items into three clusters.

You now have three clusters of sub-points ... the heart of a three part plan. Rearrange the sub-points according to some chronological time frame that allows you to address each point one by one.

Name each of these three groupings of sub-points (action steps) with brevity and in the clearest possible terms.

This is your blueprint for moving forward, your blueprint for success.

You now have a three step plan. Each step has been divided into sub-points or action steps that need to be accomplished, taken from your list of things that need to happen. Each step has a clear title indicating the main action or phase that all those sub-points are a part of.

Execute Your Plan: Execute this plan until you achieve your highest priority, no matter how long it takes.

Make Needed Adjustments: If and when you hit an insurmountable barrier, that you can absolutely determine is insurmountable, then make an adjustment to your plan or recognize and allow that that priority may not be achievable.

Never Give Up: Otherwise never, never, never give up on it, if you truly believe it is of the highest priority.

Obviously some priorities will be achieved in a short period of time. The steps are clear and executable. Other priorities will take considerable time because of their scope and will require persistence, patience and continuous action.

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