Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leadership Mediocrity

Don't let your leadership be remembered for mediocrity. Step out. Attempt great things. Take the 'risks' that can lead to a  significant difference in people's lives.

I don't know what you lead, but this is your hour. This is your chance to make a difference. You may be in government. You may run a business, small or large. You may be a corporate leader. Perhaps you work in the community, struggling for dollars to advance your cause. Regardless, do what you do with passion and skill.

Significant causes, projects and programs need men and women who will reach for excellence in all that they do. They need individuals who are not afraid to test their limits and perhaps even fail in the attempt ... men and women who believe that what they are doing is worth doing with everything they've got.

People follow those who know where they are going. They listen to those who have a cause. They hear passion and purpose.

You will be remembered. The question is for what.

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