Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leaders Under God

As leaders, we do well to remember that we are responsible ultimately to God.  We are, when all is said and done, leaders under God.

It does not matter whether the leader acknowledges this or not. It remains a fact and will be proven so when we all stand before Him.  But to embrace it is to access divine resources for daily responsibilities ... and far, far more.

The leader in relationship to God through Jesus Christ does not walk alone. He carries out his responsibilities fully conscious that He is loved and strengthened and given wisdom and capacity to lead from God. There is no foolishness in embracing this quality of relationship with the God who does not change.

God is over all. He does not invite us to include him on some list along with all our other personal and business priorities. He invites us to see him over all priorities. Not the first priority but OVER all priorities. He is God over all and He refuses to slip to number two or three or right off our list of interests altogether. He is above lists and desires that we meet Him there, in awe and wonder at His altogether unique nature and position.

Why in 2009 would we still talk about thoroughly modern and enlightened leaders embracing God? Because He still exists.

God never went anywhere while we were becoming so enlightened. He never stopped extending the invitation to relationship while we ran after the multitudes of 'things' and 'isms' and pursuit of success and dollars to replace Him.

He is still there, calling leaders to surrender to His love for them and His ability to speak and work into their experience ... transforming their hearts and minds and the the way they think about and carry out work, life and leadership.

God has been so misrepresented by the behavior of those who identify themselves under His name. But He himself has not changed. As He was in the beginning, so He remains today.

Food for thought.

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