Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fix Your Frazzled Future

Many people see a pretty frazzled future stretching out in front of them. Not that it will be unusual, the past was frazzled, today is frazzled, so why should tomorrow be any different?

A few years back I remember one Canadian survey that showed more than 3 million Canadians described themselves as workaholic and caught up in the struggle to juggle. 4.9 million indicated time for family and friends was limited.

Seems they work, they work some more, they try do a bunch of things in between working and then they wonder how to get the personal energy and fulfillment needle from empty back up to full.

Consider these three approaches.

Graduate the past. You’ve probably taken the lessons and done the exam. So don’t continue going to classes – graduate. Somebody misused you as a stepping stone to their bright future. Forget it. You still have lots of options and room for success. Your home life was poor. Graduate it. Take the lesson and make your new home different. Make sure the lesson is learned and move on. Sometimes you can spend so much time looking back that you keep running into trouble here and now. Graduate it and fix your gaze forward.

Attract the future. How sure are you of what you really want? Most people only have some vague notion. If you ask them who they want to be or what they want to be doing ten years from now, they haven’t got a clue. Don’t let circumstance or other people determine your future as far as it depends on you. Take responsibility. Make a list of who, what, when, where and how. Be clear and concise. Want to get out of the high pressure job you are in? Want to change your environment? Then say it. When you know what it is you want, you’ll more likely realize it. You are more likely to make plans and work toward it.

Harness the power of today. Now is the time. There is power in making a decision today. There is power in taking action today. Now is powerful if you harness it. Don’t live in the past hoping to change what has already happened. Don’t live in the future using those overworked phrase, “Someday I’ll ..." When Jesus referred to living life He indicated He had come so we could squeeze every ounce of fullness out of today. Why? Because today is powerful. Regardless of who I am or where I am, I can make decisions today. I can take actions today. I can change attitudes, enjoy others and enjoy living today.

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