Monday, June 29, 2009

Executive Creates Steady Improvement Over Time

Executive creates steady improvement over time. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Small improvements over time add up. I recently wrote about this in "How to Improve Your Leadership". One organization has shown that it is possible and they have the proof to back it up.

The Friendly Society Private Hospital has been named leading employer of choice in the private healthcare sector within South East Queensland, Australia.

Friendly Society Private Hospital team members are provided with attractive remuneration packages, generous salary packaging options, tax free dining, flexible and family friendly rostering, bulk billing for employees and their families via the Afterhours Medical Service and an incredibly strong commitment to ongoing education, training and professional development.

Independent research firm, Best Practice Australia reported that 84% of Friendly Society Private Hospital employees firmly believe the 'Friendlies' is a "Truly Great Place to Work".

Best Practice Australia uses a model based on 5 Types of Culture … from Blame to Success, with the leading Culture being that of Success. This Type of Culture is very close-knit, cohesive and focused with a large number of employees feeling engaged and optimistic about the organization's future.

What put the 'Friendlies' in the Culture of Success category?

The employees who work at the Friendlies say,

•    there is a strong sense of purpose and direction
•    people have high levels of confidence and trust in Executive Management
•    people are optimistic about the hospital's future
•    there is a climate of trust and respect amongst employees
•    there is a friendly atmosphere throughout the hospital
•    the Friendly Society Private Hospital is a Truly Great Place to Work

That is a pretty high endorsement.

And it appears they got there by focusing on what they wanted and steadily moving toward it. The leadership set benchmarks and just kept moving toward them. They weren't struggling for quantum leaps but apparently knew that a steady persistent movement in one direction would build a strong culture and a solid foundation for success.

That's what I advocate for in 52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day. Persistent, focused action on a number of simple concepts will result in huge improvement and sustainable success over time.

As Jaqui Parle, Executive Director of Best Practices Australia notes:

These results are outstanding for the Friendlies. Having surveyed this hospital five times over the past ten years, it is quite obvious that the cultural change journey has worked. The approach by executive for steady improvement over time (as opposed to large quantum leaps), has really paid off for the hospital.

Well done to the leadership and staff of the Friendlies. Read the whole article. It's a good news story.

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