Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top 3 Criteria for Newly Hired Executives

A recent article by Clark Waterfall titled  Success Metrics for Newly Hired Executives examines what criteria 60 CEO's used to determine how successful newly hired C-level and VP-level executives were after a year on the job.

The question was asked: “In evaluating the success of an executive hire after 12 months, what would be the top 3 criteria that you would use?” Here they are:

The Executive has Exceeded Performance Expectations. The CEO felt the individual had exceeded the goals, milestones and objectives for their specific role.

The Executive Established an Internal and External Reputation as a Functional Expert. Essentially, this means that the executive has built his or her own political/social capital with internal peers and external influencers, customers, vendors, or other external relationships key to the success of the company.

The Executive has Become a Good Culture Fit with the Team. This was selected over the other 4 remaining metrics offered by a more than 2 -to-1 margin. A good merge improves the ability to get business done.

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