Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ownership Leadership, the Changing Face of Corporate Performance

Corporate coaching is about creating a shift from requiring to inspiring.

It nudges aside a workplace model where people exclusively receive direction, they are required externally ... to a model where people take ownership, they are inspired internally. This is much more powerful. Motivation levels are higher and performance is strengthened.

In this 'ownership leadership model', people have greater motivation to change those assumptions, attitudes and behaviors which are barriers to their own performance and organizational success. They take ownership for carrying out those things they have some passion about and that will impact their future positively. It encourages personal responsibility, stronger self-leadership and results in better bottom-line results for the organization.

When 'what you do' (requiring) is out of sync with 'who you are' (inspiring) there will be diminshed performance and unreached potential. To the degree you passionately bring all that you are to your work, you will be engaged and willingly seeking to improve in all areas of work, life and leadership.

People make a commitment to their work. They receive a paycheck and bonuses. This is a strong incentive to provide good service to the company. However, commitment is not as strong as ownership. Ownership engages the whole person. It adopts the the aims and tasks as one's own. Where there is a climate of encouragement to grow that is underpinned by a true respect and relationship, ownership can florish.

Ownership is encouraged by constructive feedback that focuses on what is possible and supports efforts to eliminate barriers to success, achievement and growth. It allows the leader to articulate and troubleshoot assumptions, attitudes and actions that have become limitations to moving foward.

Ownership leadership finds the strongest and best people consistently rising to the challenge, improving on past performance and maintaining an attitude that looks for new possibilities.

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