Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why the Training and What the Motivational Speaker Said Didn't Work

You and I both know that it is easy to spend hundreds of dollars to listen to a high powered motivational speaker. You have probably invested many thousands or maybe even millions of dollars in providing training for your organization over the years. What has come of it? Really, what have you got to show for it? What has been deliberately integrated into life, habit, improved performance, results and success?

Over the space of your career, you’ve probably already personally spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours just listening. You got pumped up, quickly scribbled down a couple of great ideas, resolved to make incredible breakthroughs, bought the books and recordings, came home, and several weeks later ….

Well, you know the rest of the story. You never had someone to partner with for your success, so …

nothing happened.

  • No one to bounce your ideas off.

  • No one to help you identify your blind spots.

  • No one to give you a different perspective.

  • No one to be accountable to.

  • No one to hold up your vision when you let it slip.

That's where the power of executive coaching comes in.

A seasoned Coach won't ask you to spend thousands of dollars just to listen … because effective coaching is not a one way relationship.

What an accomplished Coach will do is ask you to commit to making an investment in yourself, an investment to accomplishing the things you have always wanted to achieve and becoming the person you have always felt you could be - an investment in changing how you think and how you operate - a commitment of time and energy focused on YOU ... supported and challenged and tested and held accountable with their professional support ... until ... you make those breakthroughs and nice ideas become habits and habits become success.

The price of that capital investment in YOU is slight compared to the dividends it will pay at work, at home and doing the things you feel passionate about doing in your community.

And, BONUS ... you can use the Coach to turn what you learned from the high powered motivational speaker and from the company sponsored training into deliberate, sustainable action. Training with follow-up coaching can be absolutely powerful. It's a two for one ... for you and your company.

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