Friday, May 29, 2009

Muskoka 2010 G8 Summit, A Lesson in Planning

I heard a great presentation last night that serves to make a point about planning. When opportunities are present, the rewards go to those who plan for them.

Gravenhurst is a town at the gateway to Muskoka where the 2010 G8 Summit will be held. Last night they had Ella Kokotsis,  Director of Analytical Studies for the University of Toronto G8 Research Group, give a presentation to interested business people around the opportunities that hosting a Summit can bring.

Ella noted that over the few days of the Summit, about 25,000 accredited people will flood into to the area. And that number doesn't include the general public who will flock to get some glimpse of the world's leaders, their spouses and the Hollywood stars who show up to advance their causes.

Upwards of 2000 organizations could be in Muskoka to make their case to the world through the potential 4,000 media who could be present.

Well, you get the idea. Big numbers. Lots of people to accomodate, feed, entertain, transport and sell to. The opportunities for business are only limited by imagination ... and they start now and go on well past the conference. Favorable worldwide media attention can ensure tourism to an area for several years. A years worth of meetings and activity in preparation for the big event will generate business.

The 2010 Summit is 13 months away. Those business people who are creative and plan now to take advantage of the Summit will do well. Those who fail to create a strategy will not. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Whether you are local business leader,  one of the 2000 'Civil Society' leaders or anyone else ... plan. Create a plan. Don't wait or opportunity will pass you by.

I have no idea what opportunities might come to our executive coaching firm. I do know that doing nothing will achieve nothing. I do know that there are leaders and executives from around the world who have a keen interest in the 2010 G8 Summit for their own and various reasons. I do know that some of them will want to clarify their thoughts, stategy and action plan with the assistance of an executive Coach, particularly someone in the actual area of the Summit. Further planning follows ...

Gary Wood is an Executive Coach who specializes in assisting corporate, business, government and nonprofit leaders to be more effective at work and in leadership. Gary works internationally by phone but lives in Muskoka, site of the 2010 G8 Summit. You can reach Gary at 705.687.2711

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