Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's so Different About Coaching Christian Executives?

What's so different about coaching Christian executives?

In one sense, nothing. They bring opportunities and problems to their coaching strategy session just like any other executive. They want a sounding board for their ideas just like any other leader. They have successes under their belt and still sense they can do better and achieve more ... just like any other executive. Not much difference.

In another sense, much. What is unmistakable about coaching Christian executives is the worldview that underlies their life and leadership. It is a worldview that is based on scripture - the Bible. They want the Bible and what it says to form them as individuals and as leaders. They want a relationship with God to be the catalyst that defines the energy they bring to everyday leadership and family life.

Living out a practical, life-affecting relationship with God forms their 'operating system'. No, it doesn't make them perfect ... or think they are perfect. It makes them realize that moment by moment they need the divine assistance of God to be the best they can be.

What does the Christian executive or leader want to talk about?

  • I want to get away from the edge of burnout.

  • I work very late in the office and I can't seem to catch up.

  • Leadership skills development.

  • I need assistance in relating to the board and bringing them into the decision making process.

  • I need help making a smooth transition of leadership.

Not much different right? But they have also brought up:

  • To be clear about the Lord's direction for my career.

  • Regain my passion and desire for the things God has called me to do.

  • Growth spiritually.

Notice the operating system running in the background ... practical, living-it-out, daily relationship with God.

Christian executives and leaders are high caliber individuals. They passionately lead forward significant companies, causes, projects and programs. They view their work as an assignment from God and seek His wisdom and assistance. They pursue success and when they achieve it they are happy to return the glory to God.

  • In relationship with Almighty God

  • Acknowledging you don't have it all, but He does

  • Seeking divine help to be the very best you can be

  • Seeing and relating to your staff through God's view of them

  • Drawing on God's strength to go through tough economic times

  • Not being defined by what you do but by who you are in God's sight

  • Pursuing excellence because God has given you the potential to do so

  • And the list goes on

Now I would say these men and women are on to something.

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