Friday, May 1, 2009

Executive Coach Writes Book on Personal Effectiveness

I can see the headline in my minds eye. "Executive Coach Authors Book on Personal Effectiveness." It's quite something to receive your author's draft in the mail. I received mine on Wednesday. It makes you a little giddy.

I've got a lot of books in the mail before, but when it has your name as the author there is a special excitement. Maybe it's all the hours that were put into writing, rewriting and giving it birth.

I haven't set out to win the Pulitzer Prize. I determined to write a simple book that someone would use for at least a year, a book with action steps and a place to record your progress. Now when I thumb through it, I feel confident we've achieved that.

52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day is about becoming more effective and productive. It's the kind of book that everyone in the organization should have on their desk. Leaders should issue a 52 Challenge to all their staff, including themselves to read, discuss and implement one of  the 52 solutions each and every week for a year. I'm convinced doing so would revolutionize businesses and organizations.

The leaders and executives I've coached over the last many years have brought some pretty big things they were working on to the table ... major thorny problems, incredible opportunities, far reaching strategic planning, career limiting behaviors, you name it, I've coached them through it. But almost every leader I've coached has needed to review and work on the simple things again, the building blocks of effective work, things like:

  • Capture your thoughts

  • Prepare

  • Know the facts

  • Let your purpose determine your schedule

  • Reject busyness as a bragging point

  • Change pace

  • Break it down into parts

When you intentionally work on yourself and lock in good behaviors that maximize the use of your time and effort, it pays dividends. You think more clearly, plan more effectively and execute with greater confidence. Better results inevitably follow. That's the benefit I picture this new book producing.

I'm going on about my book ...

Much like a proud parent.

It's time to finalize the copy and the cover. Amazon should list and carry it in about a month. Lulu will have it sooner. It's not long now ...

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