Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dealing with Burnout at Christmas (or Anytime)

Leaders and professionals experience burnout. Dealing with burnout at Christmas can be especially discouraging. The world around you is happy. And you are sapped of emotional energy to enjoy it.

Start here. Ten steps to address burnout.

  1. Rule out anything medical. Make sure what you are feeling doesn't have its roots in a physical problem.

  2. Know that there is hope. This is not a hopeless situation without solutions. Just know that that is the case.

  3. Take responsibility for change. Take ownership for turning this situation around.

  4. Face the fear. Change will involve moving into new territory and leaving old. Be very clear about what it involves.

  5. Develop a strategy. Clarity rules. Having a plan for letting things go or for adding new ways of working takes a lot of pressure off.

  6. Name the one thing. One thing will make the biggest difference. One thing can probably unlock the road block to solutions. Name it clearly.

  7. Have support. Don't run solo through this time of life. Have good people with you and behind you. Hire a personal coach if need be.

  8. Take significant action. That's exactly what it will take. No playing around the fringes. Do what needs to be done to change what needs to be changed.

  9. Know that burnout is not permanent. This will come to an end. Do it on your terms as far as possible.

  10. Draw on your faith. God is available 24/7. There is no time you will catch Him off duty. Call out to Him for strength and solutions.

This is a turning moment in your life and work. And that should make Christmas look just a little bit brighter this year. Solutions are possible and with your intentional action are at hand.

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