Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lone Voice of Leadership

Sometimes one person is the lone voice of leadership, the one who sees circumstances and solutions with a clarity that those around them, higher in the organizational chart or not, do not yet see.

The leader makes the case for change. They paint pictures to illustrate the needs and the solutions. They articulate the vision to all who will listen. They work with numbers and trends and statistics to help others 'get' it. They work every political avenue they know to effect positive forward moving change.

This is the task of holding a vision of what can be. This is the burden of leadership. While others maintain what is and react to circumstances by staying in the middle of the curve with the pack, this leader shows uncommon courage and travels outside the pack and at the leading edge of the curve.

This leader points the way. They see what is possible. They position for future possibilities. They do not profess all the answers. But of one thing they are assured. This is the way forward. This is the path to follow. This represents the future.

If you are that leader ... press on. Persevere until your voice is heard, your case understood and your vision has been translated into action. If necessary consider it success to have even one other see what you see and begin to advocate for it. Then add another, and another ... until a tipping point is reached and what was once yours becomes the common stock of all.

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