Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Occasionally in life you meet a truly remarkable individual. You can usually look back and comment on some particular quality that made them stand out in your mind and elevated them to a place of esteem.

I have lived with such a remarkable individual for 36 years.

Alice is my wife, my best friend and my confidante. We met some years earlier but were married on this day in 1973. We believe we have lived an adventure that is a whole story in itself. I love to tell the early parts of that adventure and have Alice correct me where I embellish our first meeting in grade 8 and my awkward attempts at getting her to notice and skate with me at the local arena a couple of months later.

We've traveled a long way since then. Marriage, children, life. Thousands of people have crossed our paths, some of them remarkable individuals in their own right, who have impacted who we are today. GaryandAliceAround all the people and the ordinary and extraordinary details of our life together are stories ... stories of both great joy and real tears, of stepping out and living life to the full ... all stories that are uniquely ours.

In my recent book, 52 Solutions for Those Who Need a 25 Hour Day, I said of Alice, “I have never walked alone in leadership or business. We have walked together.” If you have ever done it, even for a short time, it is something special to spend time with a remarkable individual. You learn so much. Sometimes even moments can change you. Imagine that walk lasting an adult lifetime.

So to whoever is reading this  ...  just know that I love Alice Wood. By God's grace we have enjoyed 36 wonderful, adventurous years. I dream of many more. We shall see what unfolds ...

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