Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Executive Coaching Caution

Executive coaching caution is in order.  Coaching is largely an unregulated profession. Anyone with minimal money and a telephone can hang out their shingle, advertise some personal or leadership development program, and call themselves a coach … and buyer beware … they do. Remember, when you are choosing an executive coach for yourself or key leaders in your firm - anyone can call themselves a coach.

  1. Engage a full-time professional Coach

  2. Look for International Coaching Federation membership

  3. Evaluate training and coaching credentials

  4. Ask about life, business and other relevant experience

  5. Clarify what you would like to accomplish with coaching

  6. Ask questions, pay attention to your gut– there needs to be a fit

  7. Look for an approach that challenges your thinking

  8. Remember you are investing in your life, not purchasing a commodity

  9. Location is a minor consideration, you can be coached from anywhere

At G.E. Wood and Associates, we bring our years of leadership and life experience to the table when we work with individuals and organizations.

For more about choosing an executive coach, click here.

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