Monday, June 10, 2013

Clarity Training for Christian Coaches, Leaders and Professionals

Clarity Training begins on July 2.

If you want an advantage moving forward; if you want an invaluable tool to help others plan, troubleshoot and take advantage of possible opportunity with ... you need this took in your toolbox. It's not hype. It's just a fact.  

As a Christian leader within your company, community or nonprofit, we know you are engaged in causes, projects and programs that matter. You work with individuals and organizations who need to know what to do next. 

You ... need to know what to do next. Like all professionals, it’s critical that you work effectively on true priorities. 

The Clarity Model is totally practical, absolutely flexible and easily applicable to current work or leadership situations you encounter or assist with every day. We’re confident you will use this knowledge to inform your planning and decision-making from here on ... and you’ll use it to help others to do the same.

The Clarity Model will absolutely give you a positive advantage as you work, lead and coach individuals and organizations to do better, achieve more and thrive. Our Clarity Training Alumni agree. They’re using it around the world to serve others. And they started using it on their very first day of training.

This practical tool has been refined over 15 years. It has its roots in Scripture and is reflective of the way God works. Having said that, it can as readily be used in secular settings and for non-Christian clients as easily as in the Christian community.

There isn't much time left until we begin our next training on July 2, so get registered right away. Bring your leadership team or send key individuals for this critical training. Your trainer will be Executive Coach, Gary Wood of G.E. Wood and Associates.

For registration, background information and to see what past participants have said, click here

We’re looking forward to seeing you on this or future trainings. And we’re happy to answer any questions you may have to satisfy yourself that this training will give you the critical edge you need in coaching, leading and assisting individuals and organizations around you.

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