Monday, August 27, 2012

When Big Pieces Fall Into Place

Sometimes the big pieces fall into place. It's really something special when that happens.

I love to watch new construction. Maybe it comes from the 15 years of owning a carpentry business. I love to watch each and every step of the process. Mostly a whole lot of little things happen that seem to represent incremental progress and then all of the sudden the day comes when it appears that a huge gain is made. The whole floor goes on, the walls go up or the roofing is complete.
  • Big gains representing a big move forward. 
  • Very satisfying to look back on. 
  • Increasing a sense of what's possible.
  • Creating new energy for what is to follow. 
I'm sure you can see the obvious comparison with life, work and leadership. It's really no different. We seemingly plod along, doing all the prep work, putting in place the day by day pieces ... and then ... a big move forward.

Our thinking is like that as well. Every so often we receive a big "aha!" and away we go, propelled forward by a new sense of purpose and the fresh energy to pursue it.

As a professional coach, I am privileged to see this frequently with my clients. It's a wonderful thing to behold. And it seems to me that all of the weekly work my clients do "suddenly" pays off.  I remember a quote I once heard that went something along the lines of, "I spent 15 years to become an overnight success." Overnight success was the big piece. A lot preceded it.

My point? Don't begrudge the day to day work. It's necessary. But get ready, be prepared, stand alert for the big piece to come along when you least expect it. Knowingly or not, the prep work has been done, the groundwork has been laid and something good is on its way.

Stay alert. Because when it happens, you're going to love it.

Meanwhile, be persistent and just know that you are doing what needs to be done.

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