Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Executive Alcoholic

Slowly (or rapidly depending on the individual) the alcoholic leader spins out of control. Their havoc to themselves, their families and their endeavors becomes increasingly apparent to everyone but themselves.

Where do you find them? Everywhere. In responsible public office. Running a store. Heading up a service company. Managing sensitive data. Navigating the boardroom. Flying the globe. Everywhere. You may be one of them.

Many alcoholics deny they have a problem. They loudly proclaim that they are in perfect control. But to everyone else the opposite is apparent. It’s a huge and growing problem and in fact the alcohol controls you. Those around you all know it. You’re the only one denying it.

So if by some strange chance this simple post is a wake up call for you, please seek help. This is not something you can solve on your own. Perhaps some of these steps will be of some assistance.

  • Tell the truth. You’ve lied for long enough. You are the one who is drinking. It is your problem to solve. Alcohol controls you, not the other way round.
  • Don’t lay blame, refusing to do anything about your problem because you are so busy blaming others for something. It’s an excuse. Only you can do something about you.
  • Determine to do whatever it will take to solve this problem and nothing short of whatever it will take.
  • Get to the bottom of it. You started drinking heavily for a reason. You must get back to causes, facing them head on, examining them carefully and taking action needed to put them to rest once and for all.
  • Reach out to those who love you and care for you. Allow them to be your support structure as you do the work needed to beat alcoholism. Tell them the truth also and always.
  • Reach out to experts and organizations that can help. Alcoholics Anonymous comes to mind. They’ve been helping people dealing with this problem for a long time. You’ll find people who care and have expertise.
  • Don’t assume that people will not respect you because you are an alcoholic. Assumptions stop far too many people from doing what’s needed. In fact people will probably admire you for the steps you are taking to find solutions.

Please, take action today. Be willing to do whatever it will take to put this struggle with alcohol behind you. We need you at your best in your home, in your business and as you lead in our communities and country.

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