Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stalled or Growing in Personal and Professional Development?

Many leaders find themselves stalled when it comes to personal and professional development. Of course they don't realize it ... because they are stuck. Here's a refreshing account of a recently elected official of whom it is being said that he continues moving forward personally and professionally.

This was taken from the Toronto Star, May 15, 2011 in an article by Columnist, Vinay Menon.

Jack and Stephen: Kings of the Hill

... “Governing is different than campaigning and I think each man understands that,” said Robin Sears, a former national director of the NDP and senior partner at the public affairs firm Navigator. “And I think there will be a number of issues — health care and pensions, perhaps most obviously — where they will be trying to find ways of achieving change that each can claim credit for and that requires respectful, professional discussion.”

Sears has known Layton, who is 60, for three decades.

“Jack is one of the few people I know in life, let alone political life, who at our advanced age — we’re almost exactly the same age — continues to grow,” he said. “Most of us got stalled in our 30s somewhere in terms of personal and professional development.

“Jack was a far better MP than he was a councillor, a far better leader than he was MP and in this campaign I thought he was more successful than in any previous one. So I have watched that progression with bemusement and some envy.”

Notice that "continues to grow" piece? The question we need to ask ourselves is, "Am I stalled?" or "Am I continuing to grow?" Worthy of thought at any age.

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