Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Your Own Best Success Coach

You may be your own best success coach.  In simplest terms a coach will help you reach for your best.

If you wish to understand how to be the best you can be you must understand how to reach for excellence. That's where it starts. You must have a hunger for excellence … what I like to refer to as an attitude of excellence.

That's why, at least as a starting point, you may be your own best success coach. The desire starts with you. It can't be artificially imported from the outside. The desire, the hunger drives you forward.

By excellence I do not mean perfection. We will not reach that this side of heaven. But we can reach to be our very best, personally and professionally. We can reach for our companies and organizations, our committees and teams to be the best they can be. That reaching is moving forward with an attitude of excellence.

An attitude of excellence is a driving knowledge that we have the capacity to do even better, that we have been created with incredible potential to do better and achieve more than we may have realized or accomplished to this point.

Desire is a starting point. You must desire to be your best. A hunger for excellence is the attitude that precedes action and best begins to put one on the path to success. It is not a hunger that tramps on others to move one’s self forward. It is an attitude that causes you to measure yourself against yourself and your past achievements and improve upon those, daily, monthly, yearly, and consistently.

If a person is not reaching for excellence in what they do, if they do not believe they really can do better and achieve more and be willing to do what’s needed to make it happen, you can be assured they will probably reach a plateau and stay stuck there for the rest of their career … or life.

Men and women with an attitude of excellence are most apt to engage a personal and professional Coach to assist them in understanding themselves and identifying opportunities for moving forward with greater momentum. They want to identify blind spots and make needed adjustments so they can be their best at thinking, carrying out their day to day work and leading others.

Of course, simply having an attitude of excellence isn’t all that is needed to be successful. You need to be clear about where you are going, assemble skills and resources to get there and do the work necessary to realize your desired outcome. You need to realize open doors when they are in front of you and seek to open them when they are not.

But attitude is the driver. An attitude of excellence will keep you moving forward while others are settling for less than what is truly possible. An attitude of excellence will keep you positive when things look like they will never work out. An attitude of excellence will give your thinking and your actions momentum while others languish.

Never underestimate a right attitude. Attitudes of excellence can lift up a whole team and propel them forward. This type of attitude leads to breakthroughs where others see dead ends. It sees problems as one step closer to solutions.

An attitude of excellence does not settle for the status quo. It is attractive, expansive and forward moving. It is simply an attitude lived out, a driving force that has caused men and women throughout the ages to do better, achieve more and thrive.

Adopt this attitude. It has moved forward countless numbers of people who have achieved above and beyond what they originally might have thought they were capable of.

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  1. Another empowering article about the importance of *choosing* our attitude. Thanks for the reminder that it is a gift we give ourselves...having our own coach to help us identify those blind spots that keep us from fulfilling our destiny. And for reminding us that to be our best, we must REACH for excellence in all we think and all we do.