Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thumbs Up to the Everyday Executive

The everyday executive is the norm. The public image may not match.

It may be that in the public mind there is a skewed image of an executive now days. Since the economic meltdown a year ago the public has only heard about executives milking their companies and their clients for millions,  flying about in their fancy jets and rewarding themselves for getting the public purse to pay for their incompetence.

The public has seen the high and mighty fall from their ponzied perch and they are sick of the image.

But ... there is a much different world out there. It's a world of ordinary men and women who lead businesses and nonprofits, who go to work like everyone else, working hard to make the wheels of business go round or devoting themselves to see that people get services and assistance in times of greatest need.

Not every executive is a greedy man or woman. Yes, they may be paid well compared to many. It goes with the job and it's not right or wrong, good or bad. In the world of business it just is. Not every leader is self-absorbed and ready to sell their soul for money or power. No, the vast majority of men and women, executives and leaders, work from a position of integrity and ethic. They support their family and their community. They put in the hours to make things happen.

Let's give a thumbs up for these men and women who keep significant causes, projects and programs moving forward. These everyday executives are the unsung heroes who stand right alongside the everyday worker ... both significant in their different but necessary roles.

I know whereof I speak. I get to work with the everyday executive ... every day. And I can tell you they are made of the same stuff as you and me. They carry major responsibilities and heavy workloads. Contrary to popular belief, they do care about those who report to them. They care a lot.

So, as you meet the everyday executive today in the parking lot or in the grocery aisle or at the gas pump, nod and say hello. They've probably had one demanding day and they sure could use a smile.

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