Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muskoka Also Hosts 2010 G20 Summit

In addition to hosting the 2010 G8 Summit, Muskoka, Canada will now host the G20 as well. The leaders of 20 nations will visit this area to meet and discuss the important issues of the day. Right in my back yard ...

I mention this because of the positive need for good open doors of communication. Sure, there can be arguments made about optics and politics and all talk, no action and all that goes along with that, but the truth is there are a number of leaders and their team members meeting and talking with each other over the space of several days.

If you can't talk with each other, little is achieved.

Where there is a venue to discuss similarities and differences, national and international needs, hopes and desires, everyone's understanding and appreciation of each other can be raised.

Good relationships are invaluable. But they must be worked at. They take investments of time and energy and as often as possible, proximity.

Where the Summit (or any other meeting) is designed to achieve real goals in an effective manner, good things can be accomplished.

So, leaders, officials, representatives, civil society groups ... welcome to Muskoka as you do your prep work for next summer's Summit. Let's make it one where participants truly are civil, where real goals are aimed for and achieved, where relationships are established and deepened and where ordinary people are the focus and beneficiaries of your consultations.

To benefit from working with an Executive Coach who lives in the Muskoka area where the G8 and G20 will be held, please call. 705.687.2711.

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