Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Makes a Good Leader Work With a Coach?

What makes a good leader work with a Coach? They have their act together, don't they? They effectively carry out their own work each day, not wasting a lot of time but getting things done. They work well with their staff. The company, organization or division they direct is moving along as well as any other. So why would they think about working with an executive coach? Or why would their organization think of having them engage a coach?

It's simple really. Because they know they can always do better. In fact they want to do better and achieve more. Great leaders are characterized by consistent growth. Stagnation, the status quo, staying on the plateau, these are not in their vocabulary except to be avoided. They believe in and go after personal, professional and organizational growth.

Even though you are doing just fine right now, what would you work on with an executive coach? Where can you grow yourself and your leadership team ever further? What would you like to learn and implement to give you that edge that will translate into greater success? Have you really reached your highest and best potential in each of these areas?


  • Managing Critical Conversations, Conflict and Confrontation

  • Motivating, Leading and Developing Others

  • Succession Planning and Grooming for Advancement

  • Building Key Relationships – Family, Work, Community


  • Time Control, Managing Stress and Dealing with Burnout

  • Meaningful Contribution and Career Satisfaction

  • Character Growth and Personal Development

  • Changing Possible Career Limiting Behaviors


  • Increasing Daily Productivity and Effectiveness

  • Planning, Goal Setting and Decision Making

  • Fostering Significant Ideas and Projects

  • Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition

Aware, growing leaders believe they and the organizations they lead can do better and achieve more. They are restless until they see that happen.

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