Sunday, July 5, 2009

Self-Stewardship, 12 Lessons for Leaders

We get powerful lessons in time management from Jesus. Really they are lessons in self-management. Those who lead in any capacity would do well to study the life of the Lord. He didn't come to specifically teach us about business management, time management or executive leadership, but his life is exemplary of such. In brief:

  1. He kept to his purpose. His schedule flowed from his purpose.

  2. His purpose was determined by periods of prayer.

  3. He didn't perform or manage his image for others.

  4. He carried himself with an unhurried calmness versus a frenetic busyness

  5. He never used the word "should" referring to himself

  6. He had good friendships, Mary, Martha, Lazarus etc

  7. He lived lightly, enjoyed children, didn't grasp things

  8. He focused his attention on one person at a time

  9. He allowed those things he needed to deal with and left the rest

  10. He changed pace - periods of intensity, periods of being alone

  11. He dealt with whatever came up exactly when it needed to be dealt with

  12. His focus was on finishing his assignment with excellence

Yes, the list could go on. If you and I put into practice these 12 actions of our Lord, we would probably revolutionize our lives, our leadership and the businesses and organizations we lead.

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