Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leadership and Priorities

Exceptional leaders understand the difference between results and priorities.

Results are what happens. Priorities are those few things that will make the biggest difference. Results may or may not achieve priorities. Getting results drives activity. Achieving priorities drives effectiveness. Getting results may or may not satisfy. Achieving priorities always satisfies.

Results are meant to achieve priorities just as activity is meant to achieve results. Activity, results, priorities.

The primary focus of poor time management techniques is solely on results. The primary focus of good self-management techniques is on priorities. Good time management is always preceded by great self-management. Managing your time to achieve the best results will come when you understand what priorities those results are meant to achieve.

If you are to be an effective leader, you must understand those few things that are most important for you or your organization to achieve. There are probably two or three things which will make the biggest difference to advancing your purposes ... just a few simple things, maybe one thing.

This handful of priorities are the touchstone of all other activity. They determine what activity should or should not be allocated time and resources. Activity and the results it produces should further these priorities. If the results do not further the priorities, adjustments need to be made. Change the activity and thereby change the results. Precious and limited time is allocated to achieve results. Make sure those results are furthering the priorities.

Leadership starts with understanding the priorities.

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