Friday, June 26, 2009

The Importance of a Master Plan

Never underestimate the importance of a master plan.

Creative people who are committed and involved generally start out with a clear idea of what it is they feel compelled to engage in. Once they start, they begin to see all sorts of further exciting possibilities. Their creativity feeds on more ideas. Less clear are the ways and means to accomplish all of them simultaneously.

If that original vision, the one before all the other exciting possibilities came along, is not regularly reviewed, it can be neglected and lost in a sea of activity. Eventually personal energy is so diffused and unfocused that something collapses.

The original and probably quite uncomplicated vision is replaced with multiple goals, time lines, demands and expectations that require more and more personal resources from the leader. It leaves the creative depleted and the initiative in shambles.

Adding more and more layers of activity, and it may be very fine activity, isn't a great strategy.

Developing a master plan to guide decision making and the allocation of effort is a great strategy.

I want to highlight the importance of having a clear and crisp written plan of what it is you wish to accomplish and how you will accomplish it. Having that master plan in front of you will allow you to gauge other ideas that come along and be able to dismiss or park them for another day. It will allow you to allocate effort efficiently. It will keep you focused on the objectives and dramatically improve your chances of experiencing very significant success.

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