Thursday, May 14, 2009

Executive Coach Attends 2009 Christian Coaching Conference

As an executive coach I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development so that I can increase the value I bring to the table for each one of the leaders I work with. This last week I attended the Christian Coaches Network 2009 Christian Coaching E-Summit, a three day virtual conference of professional coaches from a wide range of specialties and countries around the world.

In the words of the Founder and Director of the Christian Coaches Network, Judy Santos, “Wow. The Summit was a huge success. People who attended are excited, empowered and armed with valuable information ...  great presentations - huge value as well as inspiration!” I agree. It was excellent.

This is the 4th conference held by CCN and it delivered quality content just like the last three. The twist was that this conference was delivered virtually ... no travel, no accommodation costs and very time effective. Given my very full days, I liked the “time effective” part especially.

It would have been a bonus to see people face to face, for sure. But given the format and the back and forth via some great technology, people had ample opportunity to interact.

A glitch developed for two presenters near the closing of the conference who had to hunker down during the tornadoes that were roaring through their part of United States. Thankfully they came through the storm unscathed and we experienced only minimal interruption.

The primary focus this year was on doing business and providing support in an economic recession. It provided a lot of great insight and information that I have already begun to use with my own clients.

CCN is an organization founded by Judy Santos, now a Master Certified Coach from Seattle, Washington. It provides professional development and support for Christian coaches around the world.

I have had the great privilege of being on the Advisory Board of the Christian Coaches Network almost since its inception in 1998. The Board is an absolutely great group of men and women to work with, dedicated to providing and supporting best practices in professional coaching for those who hold a common bond of faith.

If you are looking for a Christian coach, you can search the CCN Find A Coach Service according to your chosen personal, business or leadership criteria.

If you are looking for a leadership or executive coach, my profile is listed here.

A while back I had the honor of being among the first to receive the Certified Master Christian Coach designation.

I welcome a conversation with you.

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