Sunday, May 10, 2009

15 Ways Your Organization can Benefit by Giving Leaders Access to Executive Coaching

Providing executive coaching to leaders produces benefits on several fronts. The leader moves forward and through this improvement the organization they lead moves forward. That is why it is not unusual to see very healthy returns on investment reported for executive coaching.

Here are 15 ways your organization can benefit from giving your leaders access to leadership or executive coaching.

  1. You will have a leader who has an outside sounding board to develop new ideas.

  2. Your leader will clear up personal things they are facing, making them more able to concentrate on the organizational objectives.

  3. Your leader will grow and develop personally and professionally, more rapidly.

  4. Your leader will be able to communicate to the leadership team and staff more effectively.

  5. Your organization will benefit from more enhanced team communications modeled by the leader.

  6. Your leader will be able to explore their own weaknesses, strengths, passions and genius in safety, and then build on those strengths and learn how to manage the weaknesses.

  7. New vision and direction for the organization is often developed during coaching.

  8. Your leader will be able to better integrate and apply training they receive.

  9. Your leader will have the safe environment of the confidential coaching relationship to follow their own agenda. They will attend to their most important items.

  10. They will see how to better get business results from the people side of business.

  11. They will develop better methods of relating to and dealing with staff.

  12. They will initiate more collaborative and creative partnerships as a model of management.

  13. They may develop faster methods to align people with organizational vision and mission.

  14. The leader will see their blind spots and be able to attend to them.

  15. The leader will be a better listener and reach clarity faster.

Organizations that pay attention to the personal development of their leaders, do better. The list could go on and on. The benefits are many to any organization that attends to its people.


  1. Thanks, Gary. You have described the benefits quite lucidly. I feel people who have gained from such experiences are the best references for us, executive coaches.

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